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Hello dear watchers/friends,

After my run through of being known as a writer of fanfiction, I'm pretty dead to most of you. Since I've stopped giving you what most of you watched me for *coughcough*fnaffanfics*couchHACK*, this account is pretty much dead/inactive. So instead of going to my corner and cry, I will be smart to move on.

I'm starting fresh. I can't go on dragging on this account cuz seriously, I'm getting like no feedback from you guys anymore (except from friends and what not) and my number of watchers keeps wavering.

Now I want to make this point of myself very clear: I honestly don't care for the number of watchers I have. I only care to know that the people who do watch me enjoy to look at what I upload and I'm able to connect with them through writing or art. I would rather have a puny number of dedicated/caring watchers than a load of them who couldn't care less for me.

And also an important note for this account: just because I'm leaving this account doesn't mean I'm disowning everything I've posted here. If you see someone plagiarized my work, please tell me through my new account. Thank you.

So with all that being said, this is my final goodbye from this account.

If you wish to continue watching me for some weird reason, then note this account; I will continue to check up on it from time to time.

It was fun being here and I'll surely have fun with my new start. Bye bye~! Racing Girl Emoji (Lovely bye bye wave) [V3] Panda Emoji-28 (Hello Hi) [V2] Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] 


Rosella S.

aka SilverNightJade

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Librasunited Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Student Writer
That moment when you want to thank the person who created a really awesome fanfiction but they left- ;-; Child your fanfictions are amazing, I was just too shy to say they were amazing. 
darkeve3 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Oh your leaving....well then..
Nullgray Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
who the heck's the "zoe" character? from a n anime? one of yours? cause i have literally NO idea whatsoever
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Mittiesues Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2016
Yummyshenanigans Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your writing is amazing!
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